This page is for customers to leave feedback regarding their purchase. Its creation date is June 2014, so we are also going back in time to solicit comments from customers, family, and friends who already own one or more of the items in the Gallery. Your feedback is very important and greatly appreciated!


4 Responses to Reviews

  1. Liz & Chip says:

    We have the OBAMA WON! mosaic hanging in an ideal place in our family room. You cannot help but smile in response to his arresting grin every time you pass by or look up. His benevolent bearing and the stand-out quality of Louise’s exact positioning of so many intricate tiles to achieve that, is simply astounding. We feel very fortunate to have this mosaic, not only for its rendering but as a symbol of our ongoing appreciation and sentiment for President Obama.

  2. Colleen Miko says:

    Louise made two different mosaic art pieces for me and both are wonderful. One is a lovely dragonfly stepping stone that has really held up well outdoors despite our wet weather. I get many compliments on it. The second piece is quite unique–it’s a rock that Louise cleverly turned into an owl. The rock is covered in stained glass, glass gems and different colored glass tile tesserae cut to make the beak, eyes, feathers, etc. I must say, it’s super creative and the colors are beautifully blended. Despite the fact that the owl is rounded, the way the glass is cut, grouted and placed so there are no sharp edges–very well done!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am the envy of all my gardening friends as I own several pieces of work created by Louise! They look wonderful on my deck, as stones in garden paths or as naturalized seats in planted areas. I am indeed a lucky woman !

  4. barbgene67 says:

    I’m the proud owner of Autumn Orchid 1 and I couldn’t be more delighted! I love the simple complexity of the design and the textural qualities in the variety of glass tiles used. I also enjoy the changes that occur as light moves through its cycle from day to night. The subtle variations in the background come to life, adding a touch of whimsy. It’s the perfect accessory for my room.

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