Originally from the Philadelphia area, Louise Martin followed a wanderlust urge that led to living in Florida, Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey, Oregon, and now Washington state. She managed to get a Ph.D. in psychology during those years, as well as have careers in marketing research, training and development, and medical indexing.


But in 2011 the Mosaic Muse appeared in her life. It started with a leaky birdbath that needed to be repaired and beautified. A friend (thank you, Colleen!) provided everything needed for the trial run, and the mosaic birdbath looked great and is still not leaking!

Soon she was mosaicing garden benches, stepping stones, flower pots, and tabletops. Some of these garden art projects would not be possible without the assistance of Clyde Muirheid (Louise’s partner in marriage and cement-related projects).


For material, Louise prefers working with stained glass, adding glass beads and special effects as needed. Each piece of glass is hand cut and lovingly arranged on the base, and then the entire piece is grouted and sealed. Louise also enjoys working with smalti and glass or ceramic tiles for certain projects.


Making mosaics is a joyful act by itself. But it’s especially fun when you’re an amateur following a whim, which is what the Yoga Mosaics represent. The current series of Yoga Cat and Yoga Dog poses are inspired by photographs in various “Yoga Cats” and “Yoga Dogs” calendars by Dan Borris.  And we have lots of other yoga-inspired images on which work has started It’s a perfect way to share a love for yoga and mosaics with like-minded people!

Currently available items are pictured in the “Works For Sale” page of this website and are also listed on Etsy in our YogaMosaics store.


Contact Louise if you have any questions or comments.